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The fusion of 2-way radio systems and VOIP


If you are a "C" programmer, and know how to write threaded application code for Linux, and have a desire to contribute to the app_rpt codebase, this is the area of the site set aside just for you.

Please note: this page is for people who know how to compile sources on a Linux box and are familiar with the Linux development tools. If you don't know what development tools are or how to compile source code, please take the time to master these skills before attempting anything here!

Read only SVN Access

Asterisk Sources

Limey Linux


Source Code Browsing via the viewvc interface

We offer a way to browse, download individual files, an diff files in the code from a web browser using our viewvc interface.
The viewvc interface can be accessed by following this link

Testing New Code

Testing New Code in ACID
Testing New Code in Limey Linux

Submitting Patches

All submitted patches are subject to vetting and approval. This can take some time if the patch is complex.

Please do not submit code which adds a feature has not been well thought out and/or discussed on the mailing list or is just a hack to get a particular thing to work for you quickly. Chances are, such a patch will be commented on in Mantis as incomplete, or needs more work. If you have a architectural question about your proposed enhancement, ask the question on the mailing list and resolve the issue before submitting a patch. Please activate monitoring of your ticket in Mantis so that if it gets marked for feedback or a note is added, you'll be notified.

Use unified diff (diff -Naur) format, Submit the patch to our Bug Tracker located here

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