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The fusion of 2-way radio systems and VOIP


Support Policy Statement

Asterisk/app_rpt is open source software. We provide this software as open source because we believe that it will be beneficial to the Ham Radio community. There are no warranties express or implied. Please do not expect a level of support you might get from a product you paid actual money for, because if you do, you'll be sorely disappointed. We expect our users to be technically savvy. Our users are expected to do the heavy lifting by completely documenting the issue, trying suggestions, and collaborating with the developers and other supportive parties. Everybody who is willing to provide support only does so from an altruistic desire. Making their life miserable by trying to hold them accountable and impressing a sense of urgency will only end up poisoning the well. Sorry, there is no "throat to choke". As it is the tradition with open source projects, if you're not happy with what you get, instead of complaining to people who owe you nothing, fix it yourself and contribute the fix back to the project!

Policy Regarding Direct Developer Contact

Post any questions which can be asked in a public forum to the mailing list first. Do not send public questions directly to the developers without posting to the mailing list first and waiting a reasonable time for a response! Do NOT send emails with a return return receipt requested to the developers. Please note the following exception to the above rules: If your message is private or sensitive it is OK to contact the developers first. This policy allows the support burden to be shared across the entire community, and makes sure others can search for answers to previously answered questions.

Mailing List

We run a mailing list for all Asterisk/app_rpt questions, and information requests.

The Rules for the Mailing List

  1. Keep posts on topic
  2. Do not feed the trolls
  3. Treat each other with respect

Coding Questions

Please note: All coding questions are handled as a gesture of courtesy and a response to your question may not ever be posted. We cannot be spending our valuable time on the consequences of your coding forays. If it doesn't work after you messed with it, then load and use the released code as is if you can't fix it yourself.

Posting Format

Please post all response text to a mailing list topic at the end of the previous user's text. This "Bottom Posting" makes the threads easier to read.


You must sign up for the list before posting a message!
Posts from non-registered users will be ignored.
You can sign up to receive messages from the mailing list, or read the archives by clicking on this link.

Report a Bug/Request a Feature

We have a Bug Tracker available for keeping all bugs and feature requests in one place.

When using the bug tracker, please make sure you supply as much information as possible about the bug or feature request. If your bug is marked as feedback required, this means that we are waiting for you to provide additional information about the bug. You will receive an email from the bug tracker asking you to provide the necessary feedback. Poorly documented bugs which exist for some time without feedback, will likely end up being closed with no resolution. Please activate monitoring of your ticket in Mantis so that if it gets marked for feedback or a note is added, you'll be notified.

You can sign up to be a reporter by clicking on the this link

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