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The fusion of 2-way radio systems and VOIP


This site is dedicated to the promotion and use of Asterisk/app_rpt

Please use the navigation links along the top and right hand side of this page to get to the area you are interested in viewing, or enter a few keywords in the search box on the right.

Please update your gps.conf

If you're currently using app_gps and reporting to APRS with it, please read this:

app_gps default server configuration in app_gps.c points only to a single APRS-IS server ( That server is currently full most of the day (300 users) and does not accept new clients. Due to outages on other servers it has been full for several weeks, leaving some users out, probably including some app_gps users who are only trying to connect

Please update your gps.conf to say either:

server =
port = 14580


server =

Membership Requests

To get an account on this system, please send email to, with your desired username and password. It is NOT necessary to have an account to view the content of this site. An Account is ONLY necessary if you wish to contribute or edit content. Thanks.

New Site Look

The site has been remade using Drupal. Using Drupal will make things easier to find, and allow documentation to be entered by anyone who signs up for an account. It is hoped that this will result in a dramatic increase in the amount of documentation available to our users and also allow them the opportunity to contribute something back to the project.

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